The Biggest Badass in Mass Effect’s Universe…Steve Cortez?!?

As far as I’m concerned, two years after the fact considering the controversy of the game’s ending making it ubiquitous in gamers’ eyes, the embargo against spoiler warnings is long gone. This’ll be short.

Okay, his shuttle crashes deep within Reaper-held London, and assuming he survives the crash due to Shepard’s choices throughout the game, finds himself alone and without backup. Yet, he finds his way to safety (heavily implied) in time enough to contact Shepard at the Hammer rally point, or if that’s insufficient evidence, in time enough to make it to the Normandy when it evacuates personnel after the push to the relay fails.

Which means he either had to make his own way to safety, wait for an extraction at the location of his crash, or make his own way to an extraction zone for evacuation. And, since the entirety of London was crawling with Reapers, the idea of him doing this without coming under heavy attack is out of the question, especially considering a shuttle crash is the kind of event that would draw all sorts of unwanted attention from a crazed army of murder-starved biomechanoids.

Which means, no matter how he did it, he had to fight his way through a veritable army of Reapers alone, unarmored, and likely without access to heavier and more powerful weapons…a task Shepard may find an extreme challenge, with two companions and the best armor and weapons in the galaxy.

Not bad for a pilot.