On gamergate and politics

Originally published via Twitter rant directed to Erik Kain, 14 Oct. 2014. Edited for legibility, content, and context.

As a far-left gamergate supporter, I’m rather distressed by journalists’ attempts to frame this as a left-right debate. Not only does that framing dismiss the reality many supporters ARE leftists, it ignores outright political nature that IS clear in gamergate — that of the authoritarian/libertarian spectrum, not left/right. Framing gamergate as left/right is not just a smear, it’s downright insulting as the preponderance of gaming hate is from the left.

Joe Lieberman, Hilary Clinton, Evan Bayh, and Tim Johnson, who introduced and sponsored the (failed) Family Entertainment Protection Act of 2005? All Democrats. Leland Yee, who sponsored California Assembly Bill 1179 which was the law overturned in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association? Democrat. Joe Baca (whom you might otherwise know as a co-sponsor of SOPA), who along with one Republican co-sponsored the (ill-fated) Violence in Video Games Labeling Act? Democrat.

Dianne Feinstein, who warrants her own special little category here as not only among the first to blame Columbine on video games, but despite all evidence to the contrary continues to blame school shootings on them (most recently and prominently, Sandy Hook)? Who takes every available opportunity to rail against video game violence and attempt the censorship of video games? Democrat. It also behooves me to mention her significant San Fran ties, being a former mayor of the city and Senator who headquarters there.

Two other Republicans (Brownback and Upton) introduced bills as well, for the sake of disclosure. Of course, one didn’t make it out of committee and the other didn’t make it to committee in the first place. Of course, as a political science wonk I’m inclined to discard those as serious attempts but rather to shore up votes as both those bills were introduced during election years with lagging demographics.

Nearly all serious, attempted game censorship via policy is from the left. If anything politically, gamergate is a showdown between authoritarian leftists and libertarian leftists.