On Gamergate and disability erasure, part "why is this still be a thing?"

Originally posted via twitlong, 21 Oct. 2014.


I’ve talked about this before:


at length,


one might consider excessive,


or perhaps someone with a shorter attention span than I would consider excessive. I repeat myself quite often about this, but it’s something about which I feel passionately, and am not going to just “let go”.

Look, I’m a straight, white, able-bodied male, but during the course of my life I’ve been bullied by peers (extensively) for a perception I was gay, and discriminated against for perception I was mentally disabled by my primary and secondary schools (autistic with attention deficit, in case anyone is curious). I don’t have the lived experience of anyone in those groups, and I lay no claim to either, but on the other hand you can be damned sure due to my own experiences I can empathize.

From my point of view, it’s not about “me” or a rhetorical “you”. It’s not about “weaponizing” unprivileged status for political points — let the anti-GG twits do that if they think it does anything but make them look like opportunistic, parasitic assholes. It’s about the people who have moderate-to-severe disabilities, for whom gaming is a valued outlet and quality-of-life improvement, who are being erased if not thrown under the bus outright by the gaming press’ and their devotees’ reckless and dangerous rhetoric. The people anti-GG refuses to see or hear, or let others, for the sake of narratives and echo chambers, in the name of “inclusveness” and “acceptance”.