Why the organized left needs to put its foot down on anti-Gamergate, RFN

I’ll be brief, as my point is short and easy to make. Which American demographic plays video games the most? Youth. The same demographic which leans left, but suffers from serious turnout issues.

The same demographic which Democrats are in danger of losing already.

How influential is the youth vote, one might ask?

Some guy who no one outside hardcore political circles knew about until January, 2008, who thought the youth vote was worth marshaling.

Pretty damn influential, as it turns out.

Enter Gamergate, on which I won’t directly elaborate here…but did I mention that demographic already has an axe to grind with the mass mediafor many of the same grievances raised by Gamergate, and it is not a new one, check that linked article’s date of publication. The Democratic party’s and the left’s anti-videogame pedigree is well-established by this point, might I add.

Now, if I were a Democratic donor, candidate, or campaign strategist, I’d be looking at the ESA’s numbers and wondering to myself, “what happens if so much as 1% of people who play video games get pissed off at the left enough by this they start staying home if they already voted, or start protest voting Republican as my own side has deemed fit to frame this a left-right conflict?”. Given what’s at stake in the next few elections and down the road looking at 2020, I’d probably be pretty fuckin’ nervous.

Of course, were I a Republican donor, candidate, or campaign strategist, I’d be looking at this and thinking to myself, “who can I label the 21st Century’s Joe McCarthy first?”. Which is ultimately what this is about, because the disorganized, fringe left who comprises anti-Gamergate (and who really are the 21st Century’s answer to Joseph McCarthy) is playing with fire, in a huge way, that can have pretty damn serious ramifications for the left and the Democratic party at large if this manifests in any way in voting behavior…and the way things are going, it probably will.

After all, we Americans take our freedom of expression, particularly when it comes to art and entertainment, pretty goddamn seriously.