Shut the Fuck Up Jonathan McIntosh, a Quickie

I have about five minutes to write this, so I’ll make it brief.

I’m not one for oppression olympics or one-upmanship because I’m an actual intersectionalist who understands what that means, but in this case I believe it applies.

I’m sorry, I didn’t know Charlie Hebdo made comics about sub-Saharan Africans. You know, these people? I can’t help but notice you, nor any of your surrogates, nor supporters nor friends, haven’t uttered a word about this. It really seems you (the plural “you”, of course) ought, given all the past rumbling about the very group that pulled this shit.

Of course, I can see you’re too busy going on at length about the en vogue issue of the day to arse yourself to at least continue raising awareness about this. Then again, I guess this is something that can’t be easily coopted by Westerners for their (your) own political ends, so it gets the pass like the everything else Boko Haram does.