A brief word to Gamergate

I’ve alluded to this previously on this blog, but it’s time to address this directly.

We all know what Gamergate is “about”, at least in terms of gaming journalism, but not necessarily about gaming journalism as a microcosm of the current mass media landscape…so, when major mass media outlets start running smear pieces about it (Nightline, MSNBC on multiple occasions now, and now “a very special episode” of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), some of you might be wondering, “why?”.

Why would mass media throw caution to the wind in the face of a mass protest against unethical conduct, collusion, incestuous relationships, and monopolistic behavior in journalism? Well, perhaps this image might provide an answer:

[Source: https://newmediaconvergence.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/media_consolidation.jpg , http://imcclass.com/2014/03/ ]

The very last thing contemporary mass media, and the corporations who own and control it, desire is for a protest of this sort to actually succeed. That would make it exportable to other journalism beats and outlets, or even the mainstream. Personally, it strikes me as interesting Gamergate is in essence a protest against the failures and weaknesses of “fifth column” style journalism (blogging and news aggregation), and the race to the bottom among all forms of media it has prompted, which has been a thorn in traditional mass media and source of revenue and viewership loss for some time.

As an organization much more credible and louder than me has already said, it’s time for us to “level up”:

For further reading on media consolidation and ownership: http://www.freepress.net/ownership/chart

[And, for the sake of clarification, a brief update: NBC Universal, the production company and distributor for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, is a subsidiary of Comcast.]