Why “don’t touch the poop” is so important

Originally posted to the Escapist forums, 17 Feb. 2015


The sad thing is, most involved gamers can’t see the forest for the trees on this matter and keep right on taking the bait. If most would just shut up for a minute, the bizarro, horrid, and hyperbolic shit aGGros spew would have to stand on its own merits and be judged for itself. When gamers take the bait and overreact, the story becomes how they react to what was said, rather than what was said itself.

Look at Brianna Wu. She received months of being propped up by Gamergate, receiving mainstream media attention and raking in the cash, capitalizing on the drama and controversy…in fact, stirring much of it up herself by spewing hyperbolic and incendiary nonsense. What happened when she went on David Pakman’s show? What happened when she put Revolution 60 on Steam? She found herself positioned against people who wouldn’t take the bait and overreact in predictable ways that would allow her to capitalize upon them, and her product(s, counting manufactured victimization and outrage as a product which is clearly marketable), which meant her words had to stand on their own merit. Predictably, she got crushed.

That’s how and why this thing has lasted as long as it has, and GG continues to have PR problems. It’s not the implicated journalists, devs, and ancillary industry figures. It’s the GG supporters, and at-larger gamers, who somehow after six months (forgetting the two years prior of “sexism in gaming” and ME3 controversy) haven’t clued into the notion they’re being played like fiddles by the usual suspects for their material gain. For a group of people for which “don’t touch the poop” has become a litany, they can’t help themselves but do it, each and every time.

I can’t believe I’m about to make this comparison…but well, the topic has already come up by aGGros which means it’s fair game, and it’s an apt comparison. Bin Laden and al-Qaeda didn’t just take down the WTC for lulz. They did it for a specific purpose, which has been lost on most Americans (as it was lost back then) — to provoke the US into wars in the middle east it could not in any genuine sense win, in the process destabilizing the region, putting a country that is perceived as common enemy in the forefront, garnering sympathy and support for al-Qaeda, and draining the US of international goodwill and strategic resources. The US took the bait, and not only did the US take the bait but took it hook, line, and sinker, destroying the one country in the region which was a stabilizinginfluence (no matter how deplorable) and chief enemy of al-Qaeda in the process.

The US took al-Qaeda’s bait and did its own job in ways al-Qaeda could never hope to achieve on its own…much as gamers are taking aGGros’ bait and doing their own job in ways they could never hope to achieve on their own.