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    Jonathan McIntosh is Still an Asshole 

    Adapted from this Twitlong, June 28, 2015:


    It all started with this:

    Etymology can be a funny thing sometimes…

    The etymology of “bozo” is largely unknown, but likely has its origins in the word “bozal” which is not just a Spanish creole that originated in the slave trade, but was used as a derogatory term for its speakers (and for African slaves). Just to drive the point home, “bozal” is the Spanish word for “muzzle”; which were very commonly used as torture devices on African slaves by their European-descended captors and owners.


    Verdict: RACIST AS FUCK.

    The word “yoyo” is derived from the Ilokano language of the Phillipines, and was exported to the West when Pedro Flores produced and marketed the traditional toy to the United States…from which its use as a derogatory term stemmed.



    The word “rapscallion” is a derivation and merger of two words: the archaic French “rascaille” and the Middle English word “rampallion”. Rascaille was a derogatory term used to refer to the poor, and rampallion was a derogatory term used to refer to “ill-behaved” women.



    The word “hooligan”…wow. Just wow, where do I even begin. I’ll just let it speak for itself:



    The word “scuzzball” is actually pretty straightforward. It’s appearance-shaming. Of course, it bears importance to look at its etymology, too, especially since its root word, “scuzzy”, had its first recorded use in the film Midnight Cowboy in reference to the character “Ratso” Rizzo, played by Dustin Hoffman.

    I’d look that movie up and find out what it’s about, and what role that character plays in the film. I don’t want to ruin the hilarity.



    FINAL VERDICT; You guessed it, McIntosh is still an asshole.

    This post brought to you by the five fucking minutes on Google it took me to source this shit.

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    Gamergate: my (semi) Final Word 

    Folks who read my blog and Twitter may or may not have noticed my absence for the past few months. Well, part of that is due to real life commitments and a very busy schedule, but at the end of the day…

    I honestly just don’t care enough about Gamergate any more to write at length about it.

    No, this isn’t because I suddenly became an SJW, or stopped caring about the sick joke that is the current state of gaming (and pretty much any, from a broader perspective) journalism. Nor have I stopped caring about the numerous cancers plaguing the games industry, of which the underlying causes of Gamergate are but one.

    I just don’t see a use for Gamergate any more. After a year, the reality is nominal concessions have been made, and more importantly the games industry has been put on notice that gamers — at least, their core audiences of gamers — are anything but the mindless, mass-consuming, dregs of society gaming journalists would have them believe to be. Of course, widespread defamation, gamer-baiting and gamer-blaming, and such continue from the games journalist and indie gaming circles.

    What I have been doing from the beginning, what really matters, is what I’m going to continue to do — vote with my wallet. I stopped going to the “usual suspect” sites ten months ago, and I continue to not nor will I ever again. I’ve stopped purchasing products from the “usual suspect” developers — including Gearbox which broke my heart due to their recent remake of one of my favorite games of all time, Homeworld — and I will never again purchase any of their products…at least, new copies thereof, nor DLC, season passes, or any of the other cancerous ilk which floats a game industry on the verge of an economic shock unseen since 1983.

    Sorry Bioware, Mass Effect: Andromeda looks really good, but not enough to make me forget the sour taste in my mouth from the way your company treated gamers during the immediate aftermath of the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco. I might even have overlooked that, until several of your employees went on social media acting the fool and sealed the deal forever.

    I am, however, enjoying my used copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition which I bought from GameStop of all places if that is any indicator of the depth of my disappointment with your company. Your depiction of women characters in the game is actually pretty deplorable, though, especially when it comes to diversity of personality and background; the only remotely original female companion (who doesn’t fit neatly within the Strong, Independent, Survivor with Emotional Baggage trope so loved by certain people) got squat for screen time, something even worse because she is the only companion who is a person of color.

    And, you know, not a one of them had the depth, complexity, and compellingness of Wynne. I guess the elderly have no place in your brave new world of diversity and inclusion, huh?

    And, I will certainly continue to buy products from pro-consumer companies and visit pro-consumer sites. Wardell, if you’re reading this, be on notice my wallet will be aimed directly at your head in the upcoming months.

    Anyhow, I digress. When it comes to Gamergate and its root causes, I will again be slipping into the depths of the people for which gaming journalists and developers really need to watch out — the ones who let their money do the talking. I’m tired of leading horses to water, only to have them not drink, but rather turn around and piss in it. I’m not feeding them attention and validation any longer — fuck ’em, let them go under like they invariably will.

    So…what to do with this blog? Well, I’ll continue writing, but not about Gamergate, but calling out general social justice and gaming-related bullshit. I’ll try to keep it up as often as I have anything to say.

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