Why I hate SJW’s

So…those in social justice circles are celebrating, apropos of nothing, the removal of Confederate (battle) flags from Southern state houses and public grounds (that aren’t historical landmarks, anyhow)…after a three-week-long crusade that began with the Charleston church massacre (which was TOTALLY NOT TERRORISM because White America and the mainstream media says so).

Good luck getting them to remember that part of it.

Or the shooting of Michael Brown, the protests and riots that followed…

Or the Walter Scott shooting, which hey! happened in the same state (hell, the same fucking incorporated metro area) as the Charleston shooting…

Or Trayvon Martin…

Or any of the other thousands of beatings, taserings, shootings, and other assorted acts of police overreach and brutality, or random violence by citizens, against black men and women that have occurred in this country in the last year alone…

Or, hell, even the recent spate of black church burnings (two of which were confirmed to be arson, and three still under investigation with announcement forthcoming) in any context save to push their own topical agenda.

Changing gears a bit, I thought of this today thanks to a cousin who made a Facebook post, talking about how the removal of Confederate flags would hopefully “lead to” a wider conversation about race and privilege in America. That “conversation” was already being had, and that conversation was completely derailed over this flag nonsense. And, yes, nonsense is exactly what it is.

The Confederate (battle) flag is a symbol; it has precisely as much meaning as is attached to it by others. That symbol is unequivocally racism, indeed, but in the end it is a symbol. Removing symbols is, at best, addressing symptoms rather than causes, and in the short term likely to agitate and exacerbate those causes opposed to ease them; worst-case, those symbols take on entirely new meanings as speech expressed through the use of symbols is still speech, which means attempts to suppress those symbols are attempts to suppress speech (something to which Americans tend to not take kindly).

By “causes” here I mean economic inequality, de facto segregation, resource accessibility (see, food deserts and utility access in urban areas), inequality in education, lack of equitable job access…the list really does go on. Unless we forget, those issues impact whites as well as (though, certainly not as badly as) blacks; the key factor in the implementation of Jim Crow and the Southern Strategy was deluding poor, uneducated whites in the South into blaming their own misfortunes (at the hands of white Southern bourgeoisie) on blacks, and encouraging them to take out their frustrations on blacks rather than those who actually deserved it.

Which, out of all that I really do have to point out one of those key causes: economic inequality. You know, that tiny little matter that got Martin Luther King, Jr. finally shot after nearly a decade and a half of being the de facto leader of the civil rights movement of the ’60s? Not that anyone remembers that, either, funny enough.

So…back to the point. Now we have a bunch of over-educated, overwhelmingly white, middle- to upper-middle-class morons bleating and yowling on social media about flags opposed to any underlying, meaningful cause of the ongoing problems with race in America, as prompted by liberal political and economic elite and the mainstream media. In the meantime, this:

is quickly becoming a symbol for this:

…and the worst part is, thanks to much of what has been said of the topic in the past few weeks combined with actions taken, it is not wrong. If I were someone paying the least bit of attention to what’s going on in this country, the very first thing I’d be asking is, “why is that?”.

Anything to keep the outrage-industrial complex well-oiled and fed, right?