That “S” Word

No, “sex”. Get your minds out of the gutter, pervs.

That said…hi, I’m a Gamergate supporter. Since the sex thing came up again with a handful of aGGros repeating the big lie Gamergate is sex-negative, I felt obliged to say something as a Gamergate supporter.

I freely and enthusiastically support the right, and choice, of women to engage in whatever sexual acts with, or in the presence of, however many informed, enthusiastically, and expressly consenting adults they wish.

The end, PERIOD. Well, no, perhaps I shouldn’t say that.

I freely and enthusiastically support women’s right and choice to all of the above, for the sake of their own pleasure, in a safe environment, and free from guilt and shame or societal repercussion.

Like, for example, distorted-but-transparent attempts to guilt women into not doing the above, through claims of internalized misogyny, or accusations of pandering to the male gaze or to seek male attention, gender treason, or being complicit in The Patriarchy™. Or, attempts to shame women publicly as a result of aforementioned claims or accusations, or attempts to out-group women or otherwise exorcise them from communities.

And, ALL of those things are what I see from aGGro, without failure, each and every time this discussion once again rears its ugly head. They think they’re doing it “for [Gamergate women’s] own good”? Good for them. So do the patriarchal boogeymen they’ve constructed, if their own words are to be read, heard, or understood on the basis of their own explicit context. And, from where I sit as someone who actually is sex-positive opposed to simply having appropriated sex-positive language to further a radical, sex-negative agenda, there’s not a lick of difference between the very real SJW’s and their boogeymen.

At the end of the day, attempting to control women’s sexuality is still attempting to control women’s sexuality. No, the rationale or methods are irrelevant. Sex-shaming women is still sex-shaming women, and rationale or methods remain irrelevant.