How I would destroy #gamergate, revisited

Just replace “shill” with “ethics cuck” and it’s still relevant. Even moreso.

Moving forward, ask yourself this, “whose interests does it serve for Gamergate to eat itself?”.

Third-party trolls. Game journalists looking for attention anywhere but on their own maleficence. The “social critics” in gaming. SJW devs, indie and triple-A. The SJW cults of personality that have arisen around them. Attention-whoring e-celebs and wannabe e-celebs. Morons looking to co-opt Gamergate to serve their own political or personal agendas, left or right.

Now, ask yourself this, “does it serve Gamergate’s — and that of the people involved in it — interests for Gamergate to eat itself?”

Abso-fucking-lutely not.

Here’s the fucking truth of the matter. Individuals who claim to pursue a social justice-related agenda have infested games journalism and development. These individuals are anything but interested in social justice; they’re out for money, influence, and the power that stems from both. And, exactly as you would expect, they are deeply unethical in their pursuit of money, influence, and the power that stems from both. And worst of all, they exploit people with a good-faith interest in social justice and equality to achieve their goals.

It’s about “social justice” (and I use those parentheses intentionally) and it’s about the lack of ethics in game journalism, because one does not and cannot go without the other. This is beyond argument at this point, and anyone who would claim it is merely one or the other is either (probably, willfully) ignorant or lying. Worse, they’re third-party trolls feeding from the ongoing drama; or worst, they’re aGG working as false flags or agents provocateur.

Divisiveness, drama, and e-celeb bullshit in no what whatsoever serves Gamergate’s best interests, nor that of the people involved in it in good faith. It serves the interests of people who would exploit it for personal gain, or see it destroyed for personal gain.

Stop serving the interests of others. Serve your own. Tell the drama whores, trolls, and idiots where they can stick it.