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    Quiet but not Silent; MGSV and game journalist bullshit 

    I don’t think I actually need to link any articles to demonstrate the rather extreme criticism of Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions, and Konami for the appearance of the character Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V. Instead, I’ll lead with what Kojima himself had to say on the matter:

    We all know Hideo Kojima is meta and modernist as fuck. The reason for Quiet’s exposure is hardly secret; the player is outright told in the game. The “secret” was out before the game’s retail release, due to leaks and street date-breaking. So, what is the “secret reason” for Quiet’s exposure? Well, unlike most game “critics” I did Kojima the favor of actually paying attention to the game, what goes on in it, and the social commentary being made.

    Let’s start with this:

    And, in this video, Joosten discusses the level of mocapping she did for the game (long story short, everything but the stunt work). So, the big question is “why?”. Well, “why?” beyond the realm of the technical. This video answers that quite succinctly, at least in my opinion:

    The central theme of the game is communication. More superficially, communication as expressed through spoken language, but lest we forget communication is also carried out (for the most part, even) nonverbally through expression and body language. So where does that leave a character who is effectively mute?

    One that communicates through nonverbally, that’s where (well, aside from her humming to indicate she has a target and is ready to open fire as a game mechanic conceit, that is). If the player actually watches Quiet rather than gawks at her lack of clothing, it becomes pretty damn clear pretty damn quick she’s easily the most communicative character in the game, especially contrasted against an entire cast of characters that talk at length but say little if anything (Ocelot, anyone?). The converse of that, of course, is that if the player gawks at Quiet’s lack of clothing rather than watches her, they’ve effectively silenced her as a character.

    I’d bet the farm that’s the “secret reason for her exposure”, as Kojima put it. To accept Quiet as a character means the player must first see beyond her (lack of) clothing, and to see nothing but her exposure is to negate her character entirely. Hell, Kojima dares the player to do it, for all the (superficially) gratuitous T&A Quiet brings to the screen. Without mentioning spoilers, it’s even something the character herself calls out in a subtly fourth wall-breaking scene later in the game.

    We know where critics of Kojima have placed themselves vis-a-vis Quiet. It’s bitter irony — and a rather blatant, but on Kojima’s part incredibly devious, display of hypocrisy — that in fixating on Quiet’s appearance, they’ve erased a very strong female character who is anything but silent.

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    Brianna Wu and Ellen McGrody are completely full of shit. 

    I was going to write a thing about Quiet in MGSV today and how the SocJus narrative ultimately annihilates itself in their condemnation of the character, then this came to my attention.

    Now, here’s the thing that struck me as funny about this article. Brianna Wu and Ellen McGrody seem to be awfully fixated on Samus Aran’s genitals, rather than gender expression and identity. As we see here, here, and here, that’s a pretty big social faux pas when it comes to trans people; but don’t take it from me, take it from Laverne Cox (again):

    In fact, to drive the point home, I’ll even quote Cox from the Kouric interview:

    “The preoccupation with transition and with surgery objectifies trans people. And then we don’t get to really deal with the real lived experiences. The reality of trans peoples’ lives is that so often we are targets of violence.”

    Moral of the story is, don’t objectify trans people, don’t fixate on their bodies (let alone their genitalia, and don’t misgender them. Which are the very three things Wu and McGrody in that very article.

    What matters is their identity and expression. That is the goalpost, isn’t it?

    Or, are we just making shit up as we go along to fit our ideology?

    This article debunks the linguistic foibles quite nicely, and brings up a very interesting point and unintentional conclusion to be drawn as I see it. Namely, the colloquial definition of “newhalf”, which seems to intone Samus is, if anything, male-identified and male-expressive even as she is female-bodied (that is, admittedly, up until Other M but we shall not discuss that game). So yes, there is an argument to be made Samus is trans — a trans man.

    But we can’t have that now, can we.

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    Why I hate SJW’s 

    So…those in social justice circles are celebrating, apropos of nothing, the removal of Confederate (battle) flags from Southern state houses and public grounds (that aren’t historical landmarks, anyhow)…after a three-week-long crusade that began with the Charleston church massacre (which was TOTALLY NOT TERRORISM because White America and the mainstream media says so).

    Good luck getting them to remember that part of it.

    Or the shooting of Michael Brown, the protests and riots that followed…

    Or the Walter Scott shooting, which hey! happened in the same state (hell, the same fucking incorporated metro area) as the Charleston shooting…

    Or Trayvon Martin…

    Or any of the other thousands of beatings, taserings, shootings, and other assorted acts of police overreach and brutality, or random violence by citizens, against black men and women that have occurred in this country in the last year alone…

    Or, hell, even the recent spate of black church burnings (two of which were confirmed to be arson, and three still under investigation with announcement forthcoming) in any context save to push their own topical agenda.

    Changing gears a bit, I thought of this today thanks to a cousin who made a Facebook post, talking about how the removal of Confederate flags would hopefully “lead to” a wider conversation about race and privilege in America. That “conversation” was already being had, and that conversation was completely derailed over this flag nonsense. And, yes, nonsense is exactly what it is.

    The Confederate (battle) flag is a symbol; it has precisely as much meaning as is attached to it by others. That symbol is unequivocally racism, indeed, but in the end it is a symbol. Removing symbols is, at best, addressing symptoms rather than causes, and in the short term likely to agitate and exacerbate those causes opposed to ease them; worst-case, those symbols take on entirely new meanings as speech expressed through the use of symbols is still speech, which means attempts to suppress those symbols are attempts to suppress speech (something to which Americans tend to not take kindly).

    By “causes” here I mean economic inequality, de facto segregation, resource accessibility (see, food deserts and utility access in urban areas), inequality in education, lack of equitable job access…the list really does go on. Unless we forget, those issues impact whites as well as (though, certainly not as badly as) blacks; the key factor in the implementation of Jim Crow and the Southern Strategy was deluding poor, uneducated whites in the South into blaming their own misfortunes (at the hands of white Southern bourgeoisie) on blacks, and encouraging them to take out their frustrations on blacks rather than those who actually deserved it.

    Which, out of all that I really do have to point out one of those key causes: economic inequality. You know, that tiny little matter that got Martin Luther King, Jr. finally shot after nearly a decade and a half of being the de facto leader of the civil rights movement of the ’60s? Not that anyone remembers that, either, funny enough.

    So…back to the point. Now we have a bunch of over-educated, overwhelmingly white, middle- to upper-middle-class morons bleating and yowling on social media about flags opposed to any underlying, meaningful cause of the ongoing problems with race in America, as prompted by liberal political and economic elite and the mainstream media. In the meantime, this:

    is quickly becoming a symbol for this:

    …and the worst part is, thanks to much of what has been said of the topic in the past few weeks combined with actions taken, it is not wrong. If I were someone paying the least bit of attention to what’s going on in this country, the very first thing I’d be asking is, “why is that?”.

    Anything to keep the outrage-industrial complex well-oiled and fed, right?

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